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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Busy As A Bee

That is how I am these days. I know my boss is probably wondering why I am tired at work all of the time lately. Between working on my book, volunteering at my son's school and going to work I haven't been getting enough rest. On top of which my mind is racing with ideas to keep me busy with different projects... I am not upset by the least, I have felt rather productive over the past several months but it's taking a toll on me physically. The beautiful thing about though is that I know it will all pay off in the end. I am keeping my eyes focused on the bright rainbow that will be more opportunities for my sons.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


The release date for my book is set for May 1, 2006! Omg I am too excited. I haven't been able to think straight in the last couple of days. A friend of mine has been offered an opportunity to be in a runway fashion show (her first) and I am excited for her too!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hott and Spicy!

I came across this blog while responding to a fellow poet's poem on MamaTales.com. He is hott!
Check out his blog for some mentally erotic wordplay...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Change is Coming

Change is always coming but sometimes at a rate that I don't think I can handle. This bout of change though is occuring but I am okay with it. I am being productive and proactive about this series of changes for me. I am taking care of business on all levels and it feels good. I am seeking out new opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to me. I am also seeking for better ways to secure my future and that of my sons. My mind is overflowing with thoughts and ideas, more so than usual, but it's going to be okay...

Change is Coming

like the seasons
is always coming.
Waiting like winter
on the edge of fall
turning the leaves
beautiful shades of green, orange and crimson;
Crimson like cheeks
when the eyes
focus on love.
Change is
yet open and unbiased.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

At Peace

Realizing that my struggles are preparing me for something greater in life, I am at peace with myself. I am proud of my accomplishments thus far and it feels good to know that I have people that are very dear to me silently cheering me on.

At Peace

I am
at peace
with the woman I have become.
Beautifully morphing
from the quietly shy girl
into a very confident woman.
I am
at peace
with the spirit that lay within.
Speaking to me over the years
challenging me to accept nothing less than I desire.
Coercing me into facing
fears deeper than my skeletal self.
I am
at peace
with the smile that greets me in the mirror.
Expressing the joy and love that lives within.
I am
at peace
with me.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Why do people shut down when the truth is asked of them? Why do people run away when honesty is expected? If you don't want to be honest or truthful why even bother interacting with people? Everytime I ask for the truth, very straightforwardly most times, I am given one of two responses; one being a lie (yes omissions count as lies) or two being avoidance. Why?


If the truth is too hard to give
don't talk to me.
I can handle the truth I seek
so don't talk down to me.
If honesty makes you queasy
relax - be easy
I won't ask again
but don't expect me to stick around.
Does it bother you that I ask for the truth?
Does it bother you that I care?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Reliving and reloving

I love track 11 on the EnVogue SoulFlower cd. It reflects how I feel about love. With the one I loved with everything I feel there was not enough time to fully express everything inside and it still hurts nine years later. I wish I could get a chance to make clear my emotions. Keeping them to myself and surpressing them only makes it worse in the long run. I have run around this track several times before. I like to live simply. I want to share my life with someone who understands the crazy way I think yet loves me for it anyway. Someone who can understand why I am passionate about life and the injustices that need to be corrected. Someone who is not afraid to fully love me, all of me, and accept me for who and how I am. Someone with whom I can fully express my love in the way my heart sees fit...

I Nearly Lost My Mind

Grace flows from my fingertips
as they describe your beautiful features;
your piercing gaze
behind chocolatey brown eyes
that twinkle when you glance my way.
Cheeks that swell,
as my heart does,
when you smile.
Spreading those sweet
kissable lips
exposing the warmest smile
I'd ever seen,
the deepness of your baritone voice,
unlike any other,
puts me in a trance
and wraps me tightly
in the smoothest velvets
while loving you
I nearly lost my mind
for you are my seducer.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Sometimes as a mother I need time to just cry. Not out of pain but from the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed with the responsibility of molding someone else. It is the hardest job for me because I find myself raising my sons the way I think I should have been raised. I am not saying my mother did a poor job, I believe I am a wonderful person because of my upbringing. I just did not realize how hard of a job it is until I began to raise my own family. The constant fear that my best isn't good enough to fully protect them is always lurking about. I just pray that my sons, when they grow up, can be accepted for who they are...

Just Take Me As I Am

You see me?
Tall, dark and beautiful.
Do you see me?
I am not lurking around
snarling, or even contemplating
the thought of hurting you.
I smile.
Do you see me smile?
It is because I am content.
Content to be me.
Content to learn and live.
I am and I love.
That is why I smile.
Do you fear me?
If so, you shouldn't.
I have no reason to harm you.
I only want to accept you
and hope you can accept me.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Brighter Days

It has begun. I am feeling very blessed today. Goals are being set in motion and it pleases me because alot of children who will be positively affected by them.

Brighter Days

There is a light
at the end of this tunnel
and I am afraid.
Although this light
feels warm and welcoming
it is new to me.
Should I embrace the unknown light
or cower in fear
in the darkness?
A friendly hand reaches
inside of the dark tunnel
and guides me into
brighter days...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Poetically Wyld

I am well into 2006. I helped my sister find a publisher for her book and I am excited! This is our year and it will be hot like fire! The support that I have received for my book is phenominal even though there will always be those who are doubtful and negative. My success will speak for itself...

Poetically Wyld

Poetically wyld
and inclined to see
the world as it is
for the world is as she;
natural, of course
what else does she need?
a little respect -
respect indeed.
Nature speaks
in tongues and signs
so I can hear
and write the lines
of her message
I am
Poetically Wyld
uncaged and free,
captivating those
who know and see me.