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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Woa! The blast of snow and ice we got in Philadelphia yesterday was not a joke. Talk about freezing temperatures! My eyeballs wanted to freeze over because I looked outside! But with below zero wind chills and a thick layer of ice on the ground you can count on Paul Vallas to open the schools, endangering an entire city of school children and staff members... On a different note did anyone catch the interview with Barack Obama the other day? Please tell me why did the reporter ask Barack when did he decide to become black? Uh, HELLO! Did any of us DECIDE to become black?!! Last time I checked, black was one of the crayons I pulled out of my son's pencil case. This is exactly what I have been talking about, this country and it's disrespectful ass wanting everyone to respect it. How can the politicians expect us to trust and respect them when they blatantly allow racist shit like this to occur?! What, did Katrina not just happen? Did slavery not end how many centuries ago? But here it is plain and simple: Those who perpetrate racism and superiority complexes are the very ones who are inferior... If you don't believe me (which you don't have to, these are just my opinions) think back to the schoolyard bully, he/she always picked on the kid that was assumed to be the weakest but in turn the bully was trying to overcompensate for something he/she was missing. Go figure, America.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A New Day...

I have gone back to school this year after an eight year hiatus and it feels good. My twins have started preschool this year and that feels good. I lost a few pounds and, every woman knows, THAT feels good. A new day is always approaching, change is the only constant in life and right now I have decided to make other changes in my life. Adjustments that should have been made a few months ago. I am too young, and (not being vain but) too beautiful to sit around waiting for someone else, I have a lot of things to accomplish in my lifetime...