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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Midway Through Tax Season

I haven't been on for a minute because tax season is... taxing. On the mind, body and patience. The independence gained from this position is a wonderful blessing, already looking for something for post-tax season and I am already preparing for next tax season.

Aside from the plans and preparations that are underway I am more relaxed with myself these days, even in a stressed frenzy. I did something I normally don't do - splurged on myself. A tax client informed me that a nearby shop was going out of business and had a sale going on so nosy me, I ventured over to check it out. WOW! I found a gray fedora on sale (40% off) with a pair of wedge sandals (50% off) and a gray cube-shaped purse (30% off)! I may be going back soon because they are closing for good on April 1st!

In case you were wondering, the shop is called CeCe and they are located in the Concourse level of Suburban Station at 16th and JFK Boulevard in Philadelphia, PA. Stop in and grab a few purses or hats or whatever you find! I know I will (again)!