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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I've Been Gone For A Little Bit

Life sure can throw curve balls like Rodriguez from The Sandlot.

It's been a couple of years. I've had a couple of interesting occurrences. First, I started promoting my re-released collection of poetry, Entangled Hearts (BlaqRayn 2015) available through PayPal; at The Black Reserve Bookstore in Lansdale, Pa and on amazon.com. I also wrote a new collection of poetry, Reflections: Past, Present, Future (Anitbeet Productions 2018) available through PayPal; Anitbeet Productions and on Amazon also.

I've also met a few interesting people over the last couple of years such as Malik Yoba, Marlon Wayans and Michael Eric Dyson. My goal is still the same, self improvement through self-reflection so I can share my lessons and save someone, somewhere some heartache and time. Time is the only currency we have whose value doesn't change. Let's invest it wisely...


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