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Sunday, January 03, 2016


This year, as with many other years, starts off full of hope and promise. Everyday begins the same way, full of hope and promise. Looking at the state of America right now I feel my talents would be better put to use as a financial planner versus an accountant, which is what I completed my degree in a few years ago. I love crunching numbers but what people need is to understand how they can make their money work for them to secure their future. People need to understand the complete function of their finances in order to make plans for the future.

And what better way to help improve the African American community than to become a financial planner and teach people how to function with what they have instead of yearning for what they don't. Plan for it now and pay for it later so ownership is a reality instead of a dream.

Before I was interested in teaching, but the Department of Education has a blatant disregard for education and educators. In the government's eyes prisons are profitable, educated citizens are not. So the field of education in that capacity is not for me. I said this year would be the year of truth for me...


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