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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Self!

2016 is moving just as I said I wanted it to at the end of 2015... Today I am a glorious 36 years young! No I am not ashamed to tell my age because I have earned EVERY, SINGLE, YEAR I celebrate. And this year I have much to celebrate because for too long I have allowed others' insecurities to influence me and influence my behaviors.

I'm not just talking about my current disgruntled, but soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. I mean all the way back to my own mother. Mom, I love you but it is what it is. I have spent the better part of my adulthood always doing what was considered 'right' instead of doing what was right for me. It cost me. Time. Love. Emotional stability. I endured relationships that I had NO business being in because the other party had no good intentions towards me, but I endured them because I believed it was the right thing to do, I believed I was being a good woman by not running out at the first sign of trouble.

NEWSFLASH: I AM a good woman. I was a good woman before I met them and I will still be a good woman after I leave them. I just didn't see it. It took the love of my life to show me that  I was, am and will continue to be a good woman and I don't need to endure anyone's BULLSHIT ever. Thank you for that.

This time last year I was depressed because my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend had not cared enough to EVER remember my birthday (his daughter kept reminding him every year) in the 9 years we had been together. So I didn't want to do anything for my birthday. And I had just recently given birth to a daughter and a son within a two year span!

I promised myself I would NOT spend another one of my birthdays sulking behind that man! And I meant it. I started celebrating my birthday after the dust cleared from New Years! Right now I am listening to my theme song, Lost At Sea by Zedd, on soundcloud.com.

I have friends who love me, family who love me, and more importantly I love me. I am learning to love myself better, and stronger. And you know what, it feels good because I am a pretty lovable person. I'm an AQUARIUS!


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