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Friday, June 30, 2006

Sha Zamm!

Book signing is today and I feel nervous. I have been indulging in Dave Chappelle season 2 on dvd the last week. Tyrone Biggums is funny... RedBalls, it gives you wings! Still typing away on project number 2. From the description alone we have gotten someone else interested so we have to make this shit is hot like a VD! Also finished typing the manuscript for my children's book. Now I have to illustrate it and find a publisher for it. I picked up a new hobby besides needle work (I crochet and knit; crocheted a bikini top just the other week - hey who needs bottoms? lol). I am learning photography. Took head shots for a friend and once they were cropped and I changed the filter effect the pictures turned out gorgeous. I am so multi-talented! Later before the signing this evening I will take more pictures indoors and outdoors since the sun is out today. I want to try my hand at landscapes next! A photo history of north Philadelphia might be next. With me you'll never know...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Countdown to poetry...

Tomorrow is the day. My first book signing that I have been anxiously awaiting. What am I going to sign inside the covers of these books? I am not even worried about how many people will show because I know I will have support. Friends, family and co-workers. I so look forward to seeing everyone's faces tomorrow night at Robin's Bookstore on 13th and Sansom streets. I am still collaborating on this next book with Brian, it is a doosy, alot of people will like this book. We have received positive feedback just on the few pages that we have together so far. That is a very good sign. Well stay tuned because things are about to get hot like fire...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Chug a Lug

I have been working on this compilation for the past few weeks and it is coming along beautifully. I am very comfortable in my new relationship but I still have kinks to iron out in other areas of my life. Still working on it though. Wrote out an idea for a children's book about self esteem. I think it will be beautiful and helpful but the publisher who put out my poetry won't have any parts of it. That's cool. That's money they're missing out on. Planning a class reunion with a school mate. It will be ten years next year since I have been out of high school. Woa! Ten years already and I am very excited to see who shows up. I am published and loving every minute that someone enjoys my poetry. For now I will keep chugging until I get life the way I want it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ten Weeks

That is all the time I have to make some serious moves. Ten weeks or seventy days depending on how you look at it. Forty of those days I will be at work the other thirty days are days I have off. My plans have to be huge. I need to move like yesterday.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Moving My Way

Moving along at a fast pace
mind racing
if I don't take care
and monitor what's going on...
Moving along excitedly
projects swimming around me
job starting to hound me
gotta keep the wolves at bay
gotta feed and work for the next day
until the time arrives
for me to
Move along at my pace
dancing about
tracing the steps to my race
doing things my way
to play
and sway
watching my boys grow to be men...
when I can move,
when I can move,
when I can move
my way.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Moving on up...

Is how I am feeling these days. Whenever my life begins to take turns that look like it is for the worst I know something extraordinary is on the horizon. I am promoting my poetry book (the 2nd signing is scheduled for July 12th from 2-5 pm at Horizon Books in the Gallery at Market East in Philadelphia, Pa. My family down in Atlanta, Ga are fully supporting me by purchasing copies of my book! My friends are supporting me by making plans to attend one of my book signings (there's one on June 30th at 7 pm being held at Robin's Bookstore on 13th and Sansom Streets also in Philadelphia, Pa). My new friend and I are collaborating on a project which we want to be completed really soon! More info will be given when the time is right. Just look out for some hotness to hit. Last but not least I am back online!!!