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Monday, March 19, 2007

Emotional Energy

Between school, my sons, and researching my family history I have been a big ball of emotional energy. One minute I am laughing hysterically then the next minute I am wailing like a baby. My moods have been reflecting the weather lately, 70 degrees for a couple of days and then WHAM! We are bombarded with snow and ice. I am confused, the animals are confused even the plants are confused by these weather changes.

Something is seriously wrong with the planet yet the powers that pretend to be are continuing to manufacture nuclear weapons and such. Take a look at this picture: all this time we have been misled to believe that Africans and those of African descent were barbaric and savage yet who is building and constructing these weapons of massive destruction? Who is fighting to be the only ones to wield these destroyers of life?

I have been watching Bowling for Columbine and I have to applaud the director of that documentary because he pointed it out plain and simple. Men [meaning men and women] of European descent are deathly afraid and have been since fleeing the Old World for the New World. I have listened to Charlston Heston (of the NRA) and those like-minded individuals about why they feel the need to bear arms. Their argument is for the protection of themselves and their family but they would not state from whom they are protecting themselves. Should my history lessons be correct, isn't that the reason the KKK was founded, to protect the purity of their race? Protect it from who? We [Africans] did not pursue European men or women, we were robbed, stolen, beaten, sold, degraded and raped for CENTURIES.

The KKK is against race mixing yet they [Europeans] felt obligated to rape our women repeatedly. Even now I am learning about how many important documents have been destroyed as a means to keep proof of our origin from us. Why destroy documents proving where a race of people came from? What was not taken into account was the will of the people. Suppress a group of people long enough and eventually you will have a massive rebellion.

Equality is a figment of this country's imagination as long as those elected officials from slavery minded days are still in power. When the government openly allows its African citizens (NOT refugees) to be discarded during a major natural disaster why should we, as a people, feel obligated to trust or support any of them?

My final, thought provoking question for today is this: if Europeans believe we [Africans] are so inferior to them then why are they fighting so hard to block our advancement?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Freaky Weather

Global warming is not a joke. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon was beautiful. Temperatures hit the mid 60's until evening came. We had a downpour of rain that turned into sleet by Friday morning which turned into ice and snow. Next week the reporters say it will go back up to about 50 degrees. Right now it's about 25-30 degrees.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

All quiet on the Western front...

...or is it?
I just watched Bowling for Columbine last night and I was almost in tears. If you haven't seen it yet you have to get it. It shows an acurate depiction of the history of this country and gives insight as to why the events at Columbine High occured on 4/20/1999. After seeing this movie let me know what you think...