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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where's the Governor?

The anniversary of Hurricane Katrina has come and gone and I have heard criticism of how everyone handled the situation except for the governor. Why is the mayor being made the primary scapegoat for the botched responses in Louisiana but no word is mentioned about La's governor? Isn't the governor the person who disperses the funds allocated from washington? When will this country care for all of it's citizens equally?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Speak Out! Speak Up!

Why are African Americans afraid to defend their right to live? Do we care enough about our God-given right to exist to defend it? Should that not be the case then the KKK was right when they rigged us up to the backs of their trucks and dragged us cross country, they were right when they tied a noose around our necks and hung us from trees, they were right when they denied us the ability to receive an education safely, and they were right when they said we are worthless. Is that a message we want to send to our children? HELL NO!!!! So why do we fight each other instead of banning together to fight for our rights to simply live?! I came across a website today that had these beautiful pictures of different African countries. On one of the pages for the Republic of Ghana there was a caption stating: Republic of Ghana, West Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea, population 18,000,000, 238,536 sq km. It borders Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo to the east, and borders the Gulf of Guinea to its south. The capital and largest city is Accra.Well endowed with natural resources, Ghana has twice the per capita output of the poorer countries in West Africa. Even so, Ghana remains heavily dependent on international financial and technical assistance. Gold, timber, and cocoa production are major sources of foreign exchange.
So tell me why is a country that produces gold, timber and cocoa(chocolate) dependent on other nations to assist financially? GOLD! Isn't that the same stuff Christopher Columbus stumbled into america looking for? Everybody knows gold is worth quite a bit, especially pure gold. So why are my African brothers and sisters still fighting to live in their homeland? Why are there still Europeans in many AFRICAN countries? Since the world is telling us that brown skin is not beautiful and we as a people are worthless they need to get the FUCK out of the motherland! Leave all of her natural resources for her people to harvest and live from.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's A Wrap!

Lately I have been wondering why is it that nobody came together to voice concern over a comment made by one of our elected officials. I know, I know the answer was right in my face and being told to me again and again by several close friends but I didn't want to fully believe until I saw it first hand, twice. As a whole, African-Americans will not ever move up in the world because instead of coming together like other races do we tear down those who are working towards improvement. I have experienced it in my own family just recently. As long as I do what pleases the masses (i.e. certain siblings) then everything is ok. At the first sign that the party no longer swings to their beat all kinds of hellish shit begins to fly. Oh, but it is done under the justification of being a victim of some wrong doing. Well, I am going to keep working towards improvement and just say 'fuck it!' Who wants or needs to be surrounded by negative spiteful people anyway?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Is Mel's Comment That Important?

Come on! Why are we still talking about 'the comment'? Mel Gibson is not a racist. He is being railroaded and bullied because he stated what he believes to be true. How many other people have made comments about other races and been ignored? How are we supposed to heal and rid the world of racism and hatred when it is difficult to have an honest and truthful discussion about religion or history or race relations for that matter? There were religious atrocities commited throughout history and instead of confronting the ill mental and spiritual effects of them we are expected to ignore them and move on. No. Just as the animals pass down experiences through dna so do people; how else can you explain the plight of African- American people? Are we not allowed to say in front of the world that the Europeans have wronged our people as a whole and demand reparations? I guess not because everytime someone does they are quickly and efficiently assassinated, remember Martin Luther, Malcolm, JFK? Why is it wrong to demand someone correct the wrong doing that was done and is still being perpetuated? Not one African on any of those slave ships asked to be brought to this nation. And then to be treated less than a rabbid dog once you are dragged here? Yet the very perpetrators call themselves god-like, god-fearing people. Blasphemous! God created everything that lives and breathes on this planet. Everything was created in harmony until one group (with low self esteem) thought they could rule another group based on differences. Who gave one nation the right to state they are any better than any other nation of people? African-Americans have yet to receive even an apology from the descendents of slave owners. Hell, the KKK still runs around freely all over the country. The psychological tortures and atrocities that were committed on these Africans, who were kidnapped from their land on the strength of Europeans pointing out their differences and calling them less than, is still effecting our people now. How else can you explain a generation of children acting out in agressive ways? Look at our educational system in this country: how are ethnic children supposed to learn the skills they need to survive in our society when their education is crippled from the starting blocks? How can we achieve if the [slave] master is educating our babies? Remember the statement our dear Senator made about killing our babies to rid the world of crime and violence? But we live in a democracy, right? Other countries over seas see how the ethnic children of America are treated, they see how their own children are treated when they arrive over here; yet we still try to impose our way of life onto other nations. How are other nations going to respect this country and trust our leaders as business partners when this country has yet to honor our original contract (the Homestead Act of 1862) of there that be a many people within a great nation? An expiration date has been placed on the Homestead Act before it was fully exposed to those who were supposed to benefit from it. African-Americans don't even receive the full truth concerning the history of how we were brought here and the extent of our mistreatment. Our [African-Americans] ancestor's history has been nearly obliterated as far as documenting our lineage. How's that for a democracy? Education and honesty is so low on the totem pole as far as importance that other countries laugh at us. Our sports players are given more respect (and pay) than the teachers who work hard to prepare our next generation of children for a productive life. Now look at us. In a war with a country based on lies and deceit still trying to acquire something that does not belong to us. What is the real catalyst behind the 9/11 attacks? Why are middle eastern countries so angry with America? Will our elected officials tell us the real deal? Hell no! That would mean they would have to tell just what they did to piss off these other countries. Had it been possible for me to ask Osama himself why is he so angry with America I bet you ten dollars to a dime I could get to the truth of the matter. And he's not even a democrat!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What demons are controlling this world?

Isn't it amazing how much attention Mel Gibson is recieving for his statement last week? Is he going on trial for his dui or for the statement he made when he got pulled over? Wait! What about the comment Senator Bennett (head of the country's education department) made earlier this year about his solution for eliminating crime? He stated that all black babies should be killed at birth to rid the world of crime. I saw the interview with his brother aired on Meet the Press (channel 10)one sunday morning. Why hasn't the world responded to that?! Why is it that Bennett is not being persecuted by every person of color in the world for his statement calling for the genocide of babies of color but Mel Gibson is being persecuted by Jews for voicing his perception? Yet we are supposed to believe that this world is working toward peace? How can we preach peace and tolerance overseas when we don't have peace and tolerance right here at home? When will 'every man is created equal' become a true statement in this country? When will those who fight against equality truly be held accountable for their deceptions and schemes?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Emotionally Charged

That has been the forecast for my skies as of late. Not necessarily a bad thing but it makes me rather uncomfortable. I like to be in control of how I feel at all times and this past week I felt so out of control it was making me crazy! Mentally I was screaming at the top of my lungs and hurling objects because everything made me want to cry. My babies staying with their dad for the summer, my mom getting up in age, how she sacrificed for the five of us, how I sacrificed to keep my family together only for *bleep* to fight against me for seven years. All of it just made me want to scream! It must be the moon also because one minute I am on the verge of tears and then the next minute I am rearing and ready to go like on one of those nature shows during spring! Whatever I am supposed to learn from this phase I hope I learn it quickly because this rollercoaster is making me dizzy.