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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Until Next Time...

I have watched as the days passed, each one offering a chance to change the course of my life. Alot of fear clouded my vision but trusting my heart has helped me through most of them. Should I not enter 2007 with no other lesson I enter with this: Love sees no boundaries, love knows no rules, love feels the warmth of someone knowing you so well life cannot blurr the bond...

Until Next Time

you showered me in warmth,
covered me in kisses
and made me weak in my knees
you have yet to claim me.
I wait, longing for your return
until next time...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Counting Down!

It's almost the New Year, again. Just that fast I started this blog and it has been one Wyld year! Trips, publication, blasts from the past... the list continues. That's good though. That means I am still learning and still growing. When you stop learning and stop growing you begin to shrivel up and waste away. During the course of this year I have added new friends, left some old friends, renewed some friendships and stepped back from some well worn friends. As always things aren't going to be happy and rose colored but what I am continuously learning from the bumps and bruises is that I am one resilient woman. I don't always face my battles with grace but I do face them.

2006 was an incredible year because of the risks I decided to take. The most recent risk I took involved going back to school (part-time of course) and taking on a new hobby, photography. In the upcoming months there will be pictures appearing on my pages (tasteful most definitely).

So check in often as the updates for 2007 will be something not to miss. SIPS is completed and the next project: In Eden the Harvest will be coming out in 2007 so keep an eye out for it. For a copy of SIPS send an email to: sipsthebombteam@yahoo.com . In fact, to welcome the New Year in with style I will give you a brief glimpse of SIPS:

...Prince Iddin is running, heart racing as he barrels through the dense forest trying to escape the European soldiers that are after him. They had burst into the ritual room searching for the King and happened upon the prince and the priests performing the ancient ceremony of life. Inhaling while running through the forest, Iddin caught the faint scent of the water. They’re trying to force me to the water’s edge, he thinks aloud. He suspected they wanted to persecute him for the death of princess Pia Namaharat.

The faint sound of footsteps crunching through the underbrush grew nearer and Iddin panicked. “I can not let them catch me! I must not!” Glaring up at the full moon burning bright in the sky the prince prayed for help. “If I could turn into a beast I could escape. A fierce lion that is strong like my forefathers. Mighty Father, please help me escape these evil men who wish to bring harm to my father’s kingdom!” Adrenaline surging through his body, knowing what his fate would be if he did not escape, Iddin thought only of turning into a wild beast.

He envisioned the darkest lions known only to the coast of his land. He imagined the ferociousness burning in their eyes when they are defending a kill. Iddin envisioned these images while his heart raced; soon he began to feel his body transform. Not too far behind Iddin could hear the barking of the soldier’s hounds. Iddin slumped down to the ground as his body structure morphed to resemble that of a large black lion. The sheen to his naturally dark skin took on an ethereal glow and his hair began to grow. He felt the weight of his locks increase as they blended along the crown of his head and down his back forming a radiant mane of jet black hair. He looks around through his lion eyes, as he sprints, and sees the earth disappear beneath his massive paws...

SIPS (c) 2006
All rights reserved.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

'Tis The Season

I can't believe this year is almost over already. Christmas lights, trees and pine cones scattered about alerting me to the season. It feels like the year just started. Only twelve months ago I had recieved my contract from PublishAmerica and now I am in the process of producing a second book, go figure! Full speed, the next six months are going to be the test of fire...