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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Why does life's lessons have to be so painful? Why is it the lessons of life have to be given in riddles? I learn better with straight forward messages, not riddles. I like straight forward answers. I stopped watching Blues Clues when my sons were 2. What is to become of the sacrifices we make in life? Are we supposed to sacrifice ourselves for others? To what extent does it become stupidity when you sacrifice? How do you balance yourself internally, emotionally? How do you know when you have reached the point where outside advice is necessary (outside of your circle of friends)? I am at that fork in the road again, ladies. When will we learn? I need more information before I choose a path...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seasonal Changes

Spring leaves grow on the tips of trees,
buds sprout alerting the bees,
sun rays bring forth the geese,
but I will always be me.

Summer's sun smiles on school's release,
Vacations are many,
requiring tanning grease,
but I will always be me.

Fall back into the school rhythm,
trees shedding their evergreen shades,
the sun drifts further away
rays morphing into cold blades,
but I will always be me.

Winter washes the earth still
in a quiet of coldness
and hibernation,
snow covered intentions
and quietness,
but throughout the seasons...
I will always be me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Strings of the violin whisping along
on the wings of the creator's tune
as he brings into the light, his vision of me;
whispering the breath of life into my lungs
I begin to see
how beautiful this peace is;
He teaches me to use my limbs
then guides me around his garden of endless pleasures,
watching as he creates birds to fly
and water to drink;
I look around and see someone on the far side of the garden who tempts me
with materials of great grandeur;
not realizing the trappings set before me I follow
into a spiral of desire for things I do not need;
all the while the creator pleads for me,
cries for me,
dies for me to come back to him...
because I am his everything.
I am not understanding the simplicity of it,
so confused I continue on my path until
I can go no more.
Collapsing to my knees in a gasp of prayer
asking for direction
He comes to answer me,
and bring me back home
to paradise...

(*inspired by "Everything" by Lifehouse)

Celebrations are beautiful!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lifehouse... Everything

As the guitar strings strum to a rhythmic melody
I stare off into my memories;
of a time when things seemed easier,
life seemed smoother,
even when things were bad...
Harmonious vocals that swoon even the angriest of hearts in pain.
A blending of musical talents warm and comfort me in times of extreme heartache.
Soft petals of musical notes
drifting into my auditory senses
causing a melancholy state of wonderment...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Seasons Change...

Seasons come and go and the hardest thing to do is to change like the times. My oldest son turned 10 yesterday. The first milestone in his life and I was not able to share it with him. Fighting the urge to spiral downward in a twister of sadness I focused on completing school work and getting some other work done.

Some people have not yet discovered how to fight emotional twisters. I don't have a solid plan for them myself. I just tackle them one twister at a time and pray that I can make it through. So far I have been guided smoothly. Thank you Creation...