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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Strings of the violin whisping along
on the wings of the creator's tune
as he brings into the light, his vision of me;
whispering the breath of life into my lungs
I begin to see
how beautiful this peace is;
He teaches me to use my limbs
then guides me around his garden of endless pleasures,
watching as he creates birds to fly
and water to drink;
I look around and see someone on the far side of the garden who tempts me
with materials of great grandeur;
not realizing the trappings set before me I follow
into a spiral of desire for things I do not need;
all the while the creator pleads for me,
cries for me,
dies for me to come back to him...
because I am his everything.
I am not understanding the simplicity of it,
so confused I continue on my path until
I can go no more.
Collapsing to my knees in a gasp of prayer
asking for direction
He comes to answer me,
and bring me back home
to paradise...

(*inspired by "Everything" by Lifehouse)


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