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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mon Dieu Anmwe!

Ou fou! That is the world's sentiment whenever change is coming. When will these ignorant excuses for people realize that racial intimidation is so passe? The New York Times should not have even allowed the cartoonist to submit such an ignorant thing to be displayed in their paper. But then again that lets the world know the owners true views at the New York Times newspaper.

Li fou!
That is for Sandra Herold, the Connecticut woman who thought it would be a cool thing to have a chimpanzee as a pet.(See children, these are the types of things people do when they de-value and disrespect the importance of a good education). She slept in the bed with the chimp, she dressed him up like a little boy, she took him out driving and then was shocked when he attacked her friend. How much of a friend could Sandra be when she tells reporters that there were no warning signs of the chimps madness and she would care for him again if given the chance to do it over? Now Sandra's friend, Charla Nash, is still in surgery trying to recover from her vicious mauling. My question is, what made the chimp attack Charla in the first place? Animals respond to the laws of nature, so what sent Travis (the chimp) over the edge? Why was the chimp sleeping in the bed with Sandra?? Does anyone else find this to be extremely disturbing?

Li fou! That is for the "octo-mom" who decided that having more children was more important than helping her mother pay the mortgage on the house that she and her six (now 8) children share with grandmom. Unemployed, unmarried, more than a dozen children in how big of a house? The odds are not in Nadya Suleman's favor. Anmwe!!


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