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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Deep Changes

I can't change the thought of a person. I can't change the belief of a person. All I can change is me. ME. That's it. I will always be me to the end of my days. I help people, it's a flaw I have yet to find a balance for because my eagerness to help has gotten me into trouble that I have a hard time getting out of. Should I be able to do or show someone something, I do it. Who am I to deny anyone information who truly wants to learn? Especially if the information was given to me freely. How I receive it is how I will return it.

I like the simple things in life. I like peace. I like pleasantries. I expect to receive the same treatment I give but everyone doesn't think that way. Everyone doesn't feel that way... That is why the world is in a shit hole right now. Too many people spending time being suspicious of other people instead of being open and honest about their feelings and motives.


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