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Friday, January 02, 2009

Forever Thank You

Thank you heavenly Father for the words and the inspirations to write and express my experiences with the world. Thank you for the knowledge and the desire for more knowledge to teach those for whom you instruct me to teach. Thank you for the wisdom to appreciate the beauty and divinity that surrounds me in my immediate vicinity as well as abroad. Thank you for those who love me up close and those who love me from a distance. Thank you for those who are not afraid to love me for who I am and for how I am because I realize I am not always an easy person to be around. Thank you for the true friends and family you have sent to protect and guide me. Thank you for those others you have sent to teach and guide me also. Obstacles are. Your bright light guides me where I go and in the decisions that I make even should no one else realize you are my guide always. Even in my questionable decisions. My communications with you are not for anyone else to understand but the end results are always beautiful. Thank you for Entangled Hearts because the pain I had to write through to pen that book was tremendous and I know from what I have survived in 2008 you have something magnificent in store for me to put on paper. Thank you for all those whom you send to my pages to be exposed to and encouraged by the words you have given me. I pray that you continue to bless me with words and ways to arrange those words to touch all whom you need me to touch, including myself. Thank you a million times over because only you know how much I care about those who you have sent to be in my life in one way or another...
Je t'aime beacoup, mon ami, mon amour, mon Dieu.


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