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Friday, December 19, 2008

Inspiration is flowing like water...

Spiritually Spreading

Remember those walls I built?

Refusing to let anyone in

Then one day you took my hand

And lead me to a safe place.

I didn’t want to go,

I didn’t want to trust anyone or anything

And life took me away from myself.

I swore I would not ever fall again

But here I am staring up into the sky

Unsure of how I got down here

Unsure of where I am going

Unsure of what I am doing or how

I am doing the things that I am

Massive losses I have incurred

Massive blows I have absorbed

Massive takedowns I have endured

Yet here I am

Trusting, following, learning, hurting

And trying to understand my role in all of this

Trying to understand my purpose

Trying to see what you see

But sometimes…


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