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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And She Speaks Life...

This is a poem I wrote yesterday called And She Speaks Life...

She looks into his eyes and sees a reflection of herself,
a reflection she was afraid to look into
because of her yearning.
She feels the wave of her ecstasy cresting,
the heat of their intertwined bodies rising
until it reaches that boiling point of no return.
She feels his hesitation, his panic rushing into his mind
looking into his deep, chestnut eyes
croons into his ear:
"Baby I love you enough to share my most precious of gifts,
so in return I want to accept your most precious gift - life. Allow me to share with you the love I have bottled up for so long..."
Seeing truth in her eyes,
he held her in a tight embrace as he motioned in time to her rhythm
until they both felt their wave sweep them into a deep sleep...


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