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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Poetry bug bit me

It's been a long time since I wrote poetry continuously but today the words were just flowing out of me. My poetry comes out better that way, it's more meaningful to me when it is continuous... Currently I am listening to this song called Volt Space, it's on myspace. I wish I could download it, it's beautiful...


mind swirling against the tide of oncoming emotions,

this flood has a familiarity that makes me sad.

I've been here before,

drowning in the songs of my heart

yet no one hears me singing.

my lungs burn,

filled with a built up passion

only I have no outlet for release.

this fire building,

burning me again

so I write.

my pen franticly scratching the pages of this pad

racing faster

as my thoughts try to capture what's in my heart

and throw it to the wind,

a wind I wish could catch me

because I am falling

ground, dirt, earth

racing towards me

as I fall deep into the unending heat

of my own emotions burning for escape

will anyone catch me?


Blogger Thomas Woolfolk, Jr. said...

Dear Markisha & Brian,
I would like to meet with the two of you and discuss your book, "Sips." I enjoyed reading it very much. Markisha, I like your work you've posted. Have the two of you thought about The Million Womens March" thats coming up in October 2007? I know a little about the people putting the program together. Here is the contact info.: Sis Empress Phile'K. A. Chionesu, Architect, Founder, President General at MWMX VENDING@YAHOO.COM, 215. 299. 6424.
Tell Sis. Phile' I gave her information.


1:10 PM  

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