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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Today is a better day. I am at work posting insurance payments, opening new insurance policies and wiring money to Haiti. My job is the least stressful on my resume. Working actually gives me a chance to think about something else other than how I have been feeling lately. I feel useful when I am working. I am still taking pictures and my mother wants to purchase one of my prints. Go mom! Showing support. She was telling me how she was riding the bus one day and saw a woman reading my poetry book, Entangled Hearts. She [my mother] tapped the woman sitting next to her and said,"That's my daughter's book she's reading." The woman reading looked up and my mother pulled out her copy of my book and showed it to the woman. Then she showed the woman her work ID and the lady's jaw dropped when she saw my mother's name and then she looked at the cover of her book and saw my name on it. The pride in my mother's eyes when she relayed the story to me was priceless! She said some of the teachers at Olney High School have asked her permission to xerox some of the pages from her book to use as part of their lesson plans for the students. Wow! What a compliment...


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