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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Many Moons Ago...

You had me at hello,
when you offered to cook for me
and you mixed me up a drink
allowed time for me to think
and gather my scrambled feelings
you had me at hello,
when you asked me to nap with you
in the middle of the day
knowing, somehow that I needed rest
from the race I was unknowingly running.
you had me at hello,
no need to wonder
how I feel about you
into the darkness you came
to claim me
from the deepest of caverns
wrapping me in your strong arms
protecting me as if a precious gem,
then stating yes, I am a precious gem
one that had been thrown into the mud
and disregarded, discarded
and undervalued for much too long.
for this I am eternally grateful.
your understanding eyes,
soft smile,
and warm heart
that warmed me with love
you had me at hello,
it was many moons ago
but you had me at hello,
ignoring my insecurities
to see past the hurt
that was me
the me that I showed the world.
pushing past the mask
you had me at hello.
unafraid of my anger
you reached past and massaged the ice
that began forming around my heart
so I wouldn't forget...
Thank you,
I love you,
you had me at hello


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