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Friday, January 02, 2009

Fresh starts and new beginnings

The fresh snow falling to the ground
in soft drifts of winter whiteness.
The air crisp and quiet,
blowing against my face
in thin tendrils...
Dewdrops hanging tenderly from the tips of branches
along the tree lined streets.
The quiet morning full of exciting promises
as the shop owners open their places,
the creaking of security gates being pushed
up into their storage places
to allow for business to begin for the day.
Enchanting thoughts of the ideas and experiences awaiting me as I approach
my employers place...
of business.
Chita-non, s'il vous plait.
Koman-w ye?
Nap boule.
Greetings and politeness,
followed by inquiries of my heritage
trailed by smiles and an exclaim of my American stance
until further information is revealed.
The beautiful sounds of another tongue, the mother tongue
entwined in french
makes for an interesting lullaby...


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