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Friday, January 02, 2009

Uncanny Timing

Isn't ironic how timing frames the decisions we make?

My tears
that used to bind me in knots
have washed away the hurt
of many years...
Emotions that I tried to bury
for fear of being consumed by them
have blended into my psyche
allowing my creativity
to flow through them...
Accepting the fullness that they bring,
the smiles flooded by memories
and the hope of new memories
transpired and transformed
in ways I had not ever imagined...
An unexpected response to my thoughts
always welcome
and always warming
at just the right moments...
A wink, and a nod in response to your words,
that threaten to pull me into a seductive swirl
of a color rich rainbow of beauty
that absorb my memories, exposing my vulnerabilities
to myself,
but I enjoy the interaction
as always...


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