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Monday, January 19, 2009

Enough is Enough

Black: having no color from the absorption of all or nearly all incident light; angry, threatening; wicked, sinister, deadly; gloomy, depressed, sullen; of the human group having dark-colored skin, especially of African descent. Is that what you want to be identified as? Stripped completely of your genetic heritage? "I'm not no African," is the ignorant remark I hear from so many lackadaisical Americans who refuse to claim their birthright. Guess what, we ALL come from Africa. That is where life began no matter how the Europeans try to twist it. Black is a color, not an origin. Black is a label the slave catchers gave us to justify treating us like property. It made it easier for them to sleep at night so they could continue to rape, beat, and kill us at will.

Genocide: a deliberate extermination of a people or nation. How do you think the Europeans were able to get so many of us onto the slave ships? We didn't say "Hey let's go on a boat ride with those pale faced people!" They searched for a way to divide us, to make us believe some of us were better than others so we would fight each other. Then the Europeans supplied weapons to us so we could fight each other. Once enough of us were dead, they snatched the rest of us and beat us, raped us, and murdered us into slavery. A sinister plan to divide and conquer, meanwhile they grow rich from the blood sweat and tears of our ancestors. The wealth they gained from our labor is still earning their descendants dividends that we don't receive anything for.

Racism: belief in the superiority of a particular race; prejudice based on this; antagonism toward other races. Is still strong in this country. Katrina. KKK. The rise in gun sales since the election on 11/07/2008. What do you think the guns are for?

African: native of Africa; person of African descent That is correct. A Native of Africa. Not some European who believed he could profit off of this land that the natives aren't developing. The descendants of the slaves that were kidnapped and left in the Caribbean and the continental United States of America. Yes we are all descendants of the true Africans and the American Natives (who were also murdered by the Europeans for their land).

Afrikaans: language derived from Dutch, spoken in South Africa. What the Dutch couldn't figure out how to speak South Africa's true language so they made up their own language? Why are the Dutch the only Afrikaans speaking people in South Africa? What do the native South Africans speak? This is evidence that the Europeans had an evil, diabolical plan to divide the entire nation of Africa in order to completely rape and pillage her lands. The Europeans miscalculated on the part of some of the tribes in the heart of my mother land. HA!

Afrikaans-speaking white person in South Africa. For the Europeans to spread their idea of superiority why are they so hell-bent on being in my homeland? For Africa to be so poor and desolate, why are the Europeans there? Oops, my bad? I forgot the Europeans are there to rape the land of all her natural resources like diamond, ivory, rubies, etc in order to make a profit. Just like a bunch of greedy, barbaric bastards. No remorse, no accountability for any of their actions. How do they sleep at night after shooting their parents with a shotgun?

South African: of or relating to the republic of South Africa.

Reparation: making amends; compensation for war damage. Japan got theirs. Where's ours? It is documented that England, France, Spain, and Finland all had their hands in the slave trade. Murder, rape, kidnap, all of these hostilities towards a people constitute an ACT OF WAR against the nation in which those people are from. WHERE ARE OUR REPARATIONS? WHERE IS OUR COMPENSATION FOR PAIN AND SUFFERING? Here it is several centuries later and these Europeans still refuse to openly admit their fear of Africans, or any person of color. Everywhere the Europeans go there is sure to be trouble following. When the Europeans went to India, war broke out between the Hindu's and the Muslims. The Jewish people showed up in Palestine and what happened? War broke out. The Europeans went to Rwanda and purposely set about to divide the people and once that division was complete they left and went back to their country. You Europeans ever wonder why so much violence comes your way when you travel abroad? Because your negative energy attracts that stuff to you. Your ignorant and non-peaceful ways encourage others to retaliate against you. Even the animals rebel against you. You lie, steal, and cheat to get the things that you have. I laughed when the reporters began their stories of the economic crisis. I looked at it as karma coming back to the entire European collective.

War: armed hostilities, especially between nations; conflict; specific period or instance of this; What the European nations continue to perpetrate by continuing their hateful, separative ways. Nothing good will come to that group as long as they continue this way. A few destroys the good for all.

all definitions came from The Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, 2001.


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