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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Well, I am not sure what's going on with me lately. My emotions are different. Not in a bad way but I feel out of sorts somewhat. Almost like I am at a crossroads. I smile alot more than I used to and not from telling jokes, well some of it is from telling jokes. But most of it is from finding that peace I had been searching for. It is overwhelming when I think about it. All that I have been through over the past ten years and I find myself right here where I am being supported, encouraged and cared about the way I want to be is truly a blessing. I haven't felt this strongly about anyone in a long time and it scares me...

Blessed Be Me

Thank you father
for giving me light
and opening my eyes to see
the beautiful soul you sent down
to love, guide, and protect me...
I had not been looking
just working hard
to secure my three little men
when thankfully
one school day
you sent one big man to me.
Thank you father
for the strength you gave
for me to continue on
after I felt the wind
emotionally knocked from my lungs,
buckling me to the ground;
I felt you near
whispering in my ear
to rise up and become stronger.
Thank you father
for loving and leading
me onto the path you have set
blessed be me
for all of my days
because I'm not done yet!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rising Heat

A heat wave is blanketing the area. But that's not the only heat that's rising. I truly appreciate the positive elements that are in my life right now. I have not felt appreciated in so long that I forgot what it felt like until recently. To meet someone who is as humble as I am in regards to loving life and enjoying what blessings that were received is a blessing in itself. I had wrote a poem called 'Will Love Find Me' in my book 'Entangled Hearts' and the answer is YES!

Thank You

You spoke
and invited me for breakfast
unaware of how I would respond;
I accepted
unsure of how to respond
only sure to enjoy
the blessings.
you behaved,
a friendship was formed,
honesty you gave
and a love was formed
along with security and trust...
before going further I must
say thank you.

to simply b

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nervous Jitters

My second book signing was today and I was nervous. I sat at the table at first waiting for people to enter the store, that was a bad idea but hey you live and learn. After about a half an hour and some encouragment later I got up and stood outside of the bookstore. Boldness and a sense of having nothing to lose encased me so I stood outside of the store and began to recite my work. I am looking forward to the next as well as finishing my next two projects... Look out for my children's book, coming soon.

Monday, July 10, 2006


That is how I am feeling today. I am unfazed by work although the higher-ups are in a frenzy. I have hit a bout of writer's block but I am not worried; I just need to increase my amount of recreation and relaxation to influence my mind to write more. Even with writer's block eating away at my writing time ideas are in abundance...

Kisses finding my neck tender
and your caresses keep me warm...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lyrically Living

Hearing the guitar strings,
plucked softly in the night
expressing the sweet sounds of life
as the notes drift on the winds...

I overheard a brief guitar chord being played on a commercial and it sounded so beautiful I had to write about it...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Smiles all around...

My book signing turned out good. It came down to the wire with my books being delivered by UPS. Family and friends showed up to support and although it was a small turn out I sold 4 books! Then when I returned to work yesterday co-workers expressed interest in purchasing books. On to the next signing on July 12th!