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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What demons are controlling this world?

Isn't it amazing how much attention Mel Gibson is recieving for his statement last week? Is he going on trial for his dui or for the statement he made when he got pulled over? Wait! What about the comment Senator Bennett (head of the country's education department) made earlier this year about his solution for eliminating crime? He stated that all black babies should be killed at birth to rid the world of crime. I saw the interview with his brother aired on Meet the Press (channel 10)one sunday morning. Why hasn't the world responded to that?! Why is it that Bennett is not being persecuted by every person of color in the world for his statement calling for the genocide of babies of color but Mel Gibson is being persecuted by Jews for voicing his perception? Yet we are supposed to believe that this world is working toward peace? How can we preach peace and tolerance overseas when we don't have peace and tolerance right here at home? When will 'every man is created equal' become a true statement in this country? When will those who fight against equality truly be held accountable for their deceptions and schemes?


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