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Friday, June 30, 2006

Sha Zamm!

Book signing is today and I feel nervous. I have been indulging in Dave Chappelle season 2 on dvd the last week. Tyrone Biggums is funny... RedBalls, it gives you wings! Still typing away on project number 2. From the description alone we have gotten someone else interested so we have to make this shit is hot like a VD! Also finished typing the manuscript for my children's book. Now I have to illustrate it and find a publisher for it. I picked up a new hobby besides needle work (I crochet and knit; crocheted a bikini top just the other week - hey who needs bottoms? lol). I am learning photography. Took head shots for a friend and once they were cropped and I changed the filter effect the pictures turned out gorgeous. I am so multi-talented! Later before the signing this evening I will take more pictures indoors and outdoors since the sun is out today. I want to try my hand at landscapes next! A photo history of north Philadelphia might be next. With me you'll never know...


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