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Thursday, May 25, 2006


I haven't been on in quite some time. Blame that on me enjoying my vacation to the fullest. A new love blooming as well as a book out... speaking of which my first book signing is scheduled for June 30, 2006. It will be held at Robin's Bookstore in Philadelphia. Anyone not familiar with this city it is in center city on 13th Street and Sansom Street. It will be conveniently held at 7 pm. I procrastinated a bit out of fear but what do I have to lose? Not much, but there is a whole lot for me to gain so I am going for it! I am also working on book number two and a collaboration with a new friend. This is definitely turning out to be a very busy year for me. My goal for Christmas this year is to have my second book released so I can bring in 2007 with a tremendous BANG!!!

Keep On Moving

Don't stop now,
I won't stop now
too many things approaching fast.
Dreams that were once a mist in my eyes
are starting to materialize...


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