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Friday, August 25, 2006

Speak Out! Speak Up!

Why are African Americans afraid to defend their right to live? Do we care enough about our God-given right to exist to defend it? Should that not be the case then the KKK was right when they rigged us up to the backs of their trucks and dragged us cross country, they were right when they tied a noose around our necks and hung us from trees, they were right when they denied us the ability to receive an education safely, and they were right when they said we are worthless. Is that a message we want to send to our children? HELL NO!!!! So why do we fight each other instead of banning together to fight for our rights to simply live?! I came across a website today that had these beautiful pictures of different African countries. On one of the pages for the Republic of Ghana there was a caption stating: Republic of Ghana, West Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea, population 18,000,000, 238,536 sq km. It borders Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo to the east, and borders the Gulf of Guinea to its south. The capital and largest city is Accra.Well endowed with natural resources, Ghana has twice the per capita output of the poorer countries in West Africa. Even so, Ghana remains heavily dependent on international financial and technical assistance. Gold, timber, and cocoa production are major sources of foreign exchange.
So tell me why is a country that produces gold, timber and cocoa(chocolate) dependent on other nations to assist financially? GOLD! Isn't that the same stuff Christopher Columbus stumbled into america looking for? Everybody knows gold is worth quite a bit, especially pure gold. So why are my African brothers and sisters still fighting to live in their homeland? Why are there still Europeans in many AFRICAN countries? Since the world is telling us that brown skin is not beautiful and we as a people are worthless they need to get the FUCK out of the motherland! Leave all of her natural resources for her people to harvest and live from.


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