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Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's A Wrap!

Lately I have been wondering why is it that nobody came together to voice concern over a comment made by one of our elected officials. I know, I know the answer was right in my face and being told to me again and again by several close friends but I didn't want to fully believe until I saw it first hand, twice. As a whole, African-Americans will not ever move up in the world because instead of coming together like other races do we tear down those who are working towards improvement. I have experienced it in my own family just recently. As long as I do what pleases the masses (i.e. certain siblings) then everything is ok. At the first sign that the party no longer swings to their beat all kinds of hellish shit begins to fly. Oh, but it is done under the justification of being a victim of some wrong doing. Well, I am going to keep working towards improvement and just say 'fuck it!' Who wants or needs to be surrounded by negative spiteful people anyway?


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