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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Sometimes as a mother I need time to just cry. Not out of pain but from the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed with the responsibility of molding someone else. It is the hardest job for me because I find myself raising my sons the way I think I should have been raised. I am not saying my mother did a poor job, I believe I am a wonderful person because of my upbringing. I just did not realize how hard of a job it is until I began to raise my own family. The constant fear that my best isn't good enough to fully protect them is always lurking about. I just pray that my sons, when they grow up, can be accepted for who they are...

Just Take Me As I Am

You see me?
Tall, dark and beautiful.
Do you see me?
I am not lurking around
snarling, or even contemplating
the thought of hurting you.
I smile.
Do you see me smile?
It is because I am content.
Content to be me.
Content to learn and live.
I am and I love.
That is why I smile.
Do you fear me?
If so, you shouldn't.
I have no reason to harm you.
I only want to accept you
and hope you can accept me.


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