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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Life As It Is

I had so much fun yesterday and I hadn't done anything you can call extraordinary. I spent my birthday the way I wanted to: communicating with friends and family. Simplicity is my key. Feeling appreciated for just being me is fuel for my spirit. People I haven't spoken to in months emailed or called to wish me a happy birthday...

Life As It Is

Life is yours.
Do with it what you will.
I like things simple,
straight to the point.
Work, love and live.
That's how I want my life to play out.
Life is what it is.
If you let it slip by
then its gone
there are no refunds or exchanges.
All sales are final.
Like that favorite item in your closet.
Do you let it collect dust
or do you wear the threads out of it?
Me, I will wear the threads out of my life
until my time is up
my life
as it is now
is beautiful like a garden of violets
but I want to add peonies
and lillies for more beauty...


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