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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Attitude Adjustments

Well, based on the title of this entry you can pretty much guess how my last few days have been going. I am trying to rid my inner circle of people who react to everything the way children do. I thought that when you become grown up you take care of business like a grown up. Instead I am encountering people who always try to change your mind if you don't see things their way. I am not saying that I am immune to this tantrum disease, I become afflicted with it from time to time, but it is annoying and very emotionally draining when someone does it all the time. Speaking of being emotionally drained, there isn't much emotion left in me to drain... (smile full of novacaine). Some days I feel like the Joker from Batman (Jack Nicholson Joker). A fake smile permanently plastered on my face, yuk!

On to brighter things...
The publisher has received my info for the press release (mild applause) and I am waiting on word for what comes next. I am excited. Also I have begun to look into voice training, I think public speaking will thrust itself into my realm of activities pretty soon so I better be prepared. There are so many things going on with me so far this year and that is how I want to keep it. Positive things surrounding me so I can surround my sons with it like a blanket.


For you I will
and guide,
and bring light
into your little world;


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