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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A little more...

Now that we have the basics out of the way I will reveal a little more about myself. I have three beautiful sons ages: 6 and 3 years old (yes - I have a set of twins, they are three). It was only natural for me to begin writing on a regular basis. The pregnancy itself (raging hormones and abundant cravings) still has me reeling. I haven't been able to fully describe the experience in words but when they come to me I will share them. I began poetically expressing myself in 2002 when my twin boys were merely 6 months old. My poetry, even now, mostly expresses the emotions behind my romantic entanglements. It took me two years to feel confident enough to start the journey of sharing my work with everyone. Actually writing the words gave me courage to face my pain and work through it. This is where I should say I hope you enjoy my book when it is released but I'm not. I know that somewhere my poetry will help someone heal, make someone cry or quietly rejoice in realizing they love someone dearly and then my purpose for publishing my poetry will be fulfilled.

The Births

Erratic emotions
surging through me
when conception is complete.
Worries and concerns
filling my waking and sleeping hours.
I stare at my ever expanding belly
in amazement
realizing that life is growing
within me.
This new person inside
sharing my most intimate moments
growing as I glow with luminant life.
This person
accepting me,
trusting that I will protect and nurture him
Fully dependent on me
to perform this important duty
of bringing him into existence.
Raging waters of my placenta
signals the impending task
that I have been prepared for.
Mind blowing pain
reminds me of the commitment
made to this tiny person inside,
the promise elicited in our private moments.
As the contractions
roll through me like tidal waves
a tear slides down my cheek
as the realization that my companion
for the last 9 months
is leaving,
entering his own space,
and I am heartbroken.


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