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Saturday, March 04, 2006


The reality of life is fully setting in. I visited with my maternal grandmother yesterday. She will be 77 years old this year. She is also sick and looking into her eyes I know that she is slowly dying. I have never had to deal with losing someone close to me. My grandmother has been available to me all of my life. I am also afraid of how my mother will deal. When my grandmother had a heart attack in 1996 I told her she couldn't die until my sisters and I were all married with children (yeah you can laugh - I did). Now it is ten years later and my sisters and I have children... well it put a smile on my grandmother's face at any rate. I like to see her smile.

Grandma's Smile

Wide and bright
full of life
and memories
of a time when life wasn't fair;
'Do what you can with what you got'
was the lesson she learned.
Pray for better times
and easier roads
cause the travels have been too long.
Remembering the days
when momma was there
your favorite companion,
your best friend
until she was called home.
Grandma's tired now
it's okay, I know.
I see it in your eyes.
Tired eyes that have seen long years.
But just below those beautiful eyes
is my grandma's smile.


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