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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring has sprung!

Okay spring came in with jokes. About close to half a foot of snow on the first day of spring type of jokes. I'm not laughing though because I am looking forward to planting season and the melting snow means less water I have to use - for now.

Not too many people realize how much money they could save (not to mention how much healthier they could be) by growing some of their own food. First off, home grown tomatoes and cucumbers taste much better than store bought. They have less pesticides and you control your cost. Secondly, any (uncooked) fruits and vegetables can be used for compost instead of tossed in the garbage.

I love the taste of fresh picked bell pepper or celery or peppermint. Pop some peppermint leaves off, wash them and put each leaf in an ice tray section then fill with water and freeze normally - presto! you have ice cubes with a minty twist.

 Spring has always lifted my spirits. I think it's because spring represents rebirth and renewal of life. Until next time, happy planting!


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