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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Interracial Relationships

That was the hot topic on Sistahs With Purpose last night. Several gentleman called in and gave some  incredible insight into African American men's reasons for dating outside of their race. One of those reasons included African American women are collectively viewed as poor and not being able to sustain an image of wealth and success. Another reason stated was the women having a 'super woman' attitude and seeking out men they can control.

I disagree with that. Being an African American woman I have not ever sought out a mate I could control, nor do I have a need to 'do it all' myself. In a mate what attracts me beyond physical looks - intelligence.

What I have experienced has been abandonment on several levels. That garners an atmosphere of mistrust and insecurity.

Even with those experiences I still have hope because I understand that on a world level the African family can recover and rebuild our infrastructure. I understand on an individual level it takes one family at a time to break the viscious cycle of abandonment. My African brothers will always be attractive to me because no group of men on this planet could have survived 500+ years of oppression and systematic distruction of the family unit and continue as my African brothers have.

Brothers, I will always admire your strength and tenacity. But only you can reclaim your thrones. We are waiting for you to take your places at the heads of our tables, homes, and society...


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