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Monday, February 23, 2015

Post-Awards Hoopla

Aside from the glamorous gowns and funny antics of presenters I appreciated the message John Legend and Common brought forth. There are more black men incarcerated today than there were slaves in 1850. That speaks loud and clear about America's racial attitude towards black men. The question now becomes, how will America correct this problem of protecting human rights at home when she so loudly protests against human rights violations abroad?

 On a different note, a much more pleasant note, upon my return I have yet to introduce you to my two younger children...

 Yehudi is my first-born daughter. Spunky and very observant, she has a mind of her own and the stubborn Leo in her is not shy. At 2 1/2 she is definitely a character all her own.

Chava is 9 months old and is just as hilarious and demanding as his big sister, Yehudi. Crawling, standing, babbling and grabbing plates of food...


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