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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

True Words

After all of the hard work,
and all of the things I sacrificed.
Now I finally know my worth
the whole of me it has no price...
I thought I'd never make it this far
I underestimated myself
and though my life has truly been hard
now I know the greatness of my wealth...

I couldn't have put it better if I tried. I am in love with this song.

I'm rich in love.
I'm rich in peace.
I'm rich in hope.
I'm rich indeed...

See I can have anything
See I can do anything if I believe
I've learned what you want you have to start first
You can't just sit back and wait on anyone
you've got to put your best foot forward
have faith and take action
'cause you never know where that road may lead
you can't be afraid to take that chance
you've got to sow and plant your seed
adapting to any circumstance

- My Time Kindred the Family Soul


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