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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kindred the Family Soul

The newest addition to my cd collection. Tear wrenchingly beautiful. Aja and Fatin are so inspirational. Married and working together while raising their family. That is what every woman dreams of but very few actually see in their lifetime. The biggest plus is their love and respect for each others talents (why haven't I found that yet?) An all too common question that have bounced from my lips as well as those of a few friends and family members. The answer ladies: I don't know.

Mirror Image

Every morning
when I look in the mirror
I see that something's changed.
My face is familiar
yet the eyes are different.
Time has changed them.
Deepened them,
added a dose of soulful thinking,
and a pinch of universal understanding
giving them a depth
I never knew was there.
My eyes see the reality of life
they are saddened by it...

Passion's Passing

Passion died today.
When my heart lost it's beat
and my spirit
had no other rhythm to dance to
passion died,
of loneliness.
yet her cries went unanswered
passion gave up.
Not wanting to feel
the tug of hurt
upon her gentle heart strings
passion drifted
into an abyssmal sleep
her broken heart
drifting on the winds...

Forever Plagued

Your scent.
Your touch.
Yearning I can't control.
I will forever
be plagued
by the ghost
of your love.


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