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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stifling Suffocation

That is how this city smothers the life out of people. Between the oppressed, the depressed and the oblivious this city reeks of suffocation. I have been beaming for the last two days because i truly enjoyed myself this past weekend but the thick layer of spiritual filth that covers this city like a blanket in winter is truly bothering me. I really felt it at work. I went in to cover a few of the days I missed this weekend (only because there are no benefits offered such as time off be it sick or personal) and I hated the fact that I was sitting in there. I was tempted to hand in my key card and leave, Poof! But alas I have responsibilities to handle and it is very unlike me to just blow them off (they are my beautiful sons who missed me terribly while I was gone - *smile*)


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