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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Roads

My, my, my... so much happening at once it feels a little overwhelming. But I am dancing along with the current of events happily whistling a lovely tune. More like dancing and swaying to Sean Paul (I know my neighbors are about sick of hearing him but oh well). By the time I am done my hips alone are gonna be a little stronger (hee, hee)...

New Roads

Traveling this path
the road barely visible,
yet I continue
with the hope that my dreams
will greet me at the end;
beautiful, soulful dreams,
but not simply dreamt.
Dreams wrapped in satiny ribbons
of tranquil hues,
blues and roses
faint shades
of near perfection
softly draped about my shoulders
caressing like a soft kiss
by the tender lips of a new lover.
I see the outline of this path
a little clearer now,
the scent of new earth
reminding me of spring;
the rebirth of many things
and my dreams
have begun
to bloom...


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