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Friday, June 19, 2009

Slow Down

Sitting back as the years fade
into a menagerie of memories
drifting across the vision
of my spiritual awakening.
Time allotted but not accounted for
as I dreamed of maintaining
just the simple things;
the seasons pass in a blur of growth
encouraged by a lazy slumber of wintry white
and summery oranges.
Admiring the wisdom of the ages
dressed in sophisticated hues
and earth toned blues of submission
I realize life is
and will continue to be
a quiet mystery.

I was sitting back watching the children play, knowing school is out for the summer. They just enjoy life, when they aren't bogged down with adult issues and are allowed to be children. They aren't afraid to laugh or cry when the atmosphere calls for it. What happened to the simplicity of life?


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