Sunday, December 08, 2019

A Pair of Pants...

It's a Saturday night in December. The last month of my third decade and I watched both of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies. A pair of pants helped mend friendships after loss and heartache. I've always believed a good fitting pair of pants can make everything feel better.

I shed a few tears while watching these movies. I understood their painful moments as I have experienced similar pain one way or another in my short lifetime; this pain is what fueled some of my most intense poetry. Pain is a creative you-know-what. But at the end of that pain is a chance to grow and morph into something new.

Pain is the ultimate teacher and until you have felt her sting, you haven't grown. Allow your painful experiences to teach you. Open yourself to the lesson at hand. And even amidst the pain remember - today is always yesterday's tomorrow, so be great today!

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