Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I've Been Away Too Long...

Hello. I know it's been way too long. But, here's why. I've been trying my hand at a Word Press blog (Why Yet's Words) to see what all of the hubbub was about. Nice layout, interesting app features (of which I still don't know the full scope of) and bells and whistles. What I have learned is that I prefer the more intimate atmosphere of my blogger - with you guys. Sharing here is more like I'm chatting with friends I don't get to see as often as I'd like but we still love each other anyway. Relaxed and carefree - how I like it, with no performance pressure. Ha ha - performance pressure. I am going by the pseudonym Why Yet. Hence the website Why Yet's Words. If you are curious about the name, comment below and I'll tell you the back story.

The last we spoke I was preparing to flee a toxic situation. I fled. Last year this past October. The details of that may or may not end up in a tell all (hahahaha) should I muster the strength to put it on paper. I will say this, the level of emotional turmoil dealing with that situation is a cost I do not want to pay ever again in life for anybody. On the upside, I have my health and my children and I purchased my first house so there was some good that came from him being... him. His mistreatment motivated the hell out of me to get away from him. And his reaction when the kids excitedly told him I bought a house... toxic times 10!

But, my 2019 is not over yet. I still have pieces to put into place to set the foundation for my 2020. My twin sons graduate from high school this school year (dances proudly) and I am preparing to reach level 40 in January! I have some celebrities I'd like to meet, places I'd like to see and new things I'd like to try. I have started knitting and crocheting again and I may brush off the old Olympus, charge her battery and snap a few photos for old times sake. I will work hard to stay regular on here now that I am back - again, but know even with an absence, I will always return to you as my first blogging friend. You allow me the space to breathe on screen without having to hide like the Wiz.

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